The Essential Men’s Shirt Guide

Dressing up is an art and so is wearing a shirt with style. This is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, because, with the styling that comes with it, you can dress it up or down. From the different fabrics to the different final looks – switching and mixing is a never ending game! Shirts give men the much needed freedom they need.


Let’s talk about the 5 shirts every man should own


The Check Shirt

This shirt is versatile and can make a day time or night time look classy and unique. Dressing up checks is easy because to compliment, you normally wear a solid color that matches the occasion.

Check shirts also can give the man a different look depending on sleeve length, cuff detailing, collar detailing – and more!

Here are some examples we found of check shirts being styled from casual to formal: https://in.burberry.com/small-scale-check-stretch-cotton-shirt-p80175621




The Sky Blue Shirt

This shirt is perfect for the summers and even for gloomy days! Blue is a color that says happiness, calmness and serenity. The shades in blue that match your skin tone do accentuate your look. Blue shirts are also great because they can be matched and contrasted with a selection of colors.

Here are some blue shirt combos we found and liked: https://www2.hm.com/en_in/productpage.0722475006.html



The White Shirt

White shirts are perfect for summer and winters because during summers, it deflects heat and in winters, allows you to match darker, neutral shades for a stunning look!

White shirts do require a significant amount of TLC, but, that being said, a good white shirt can take you from day to night in a breeze! Just make sure to not drop anything on it!

Here are our favorite white shirt: https://www.tedbaker.com/row/Mens/Clothing/Shirts/BRIXTON-Oxford-cotton-shirt-White/p/148264-WHITE


The Patterned Shirt

Patterns are playful, if worn correctly, looking at the outfit as a whole. Patterns give men room for experimentation and let them steer away from the classics, traditional and more!

Here are some of our hand-picked favorite patterned shirt: https://www.marksandspencer.com/cotton-blend-tailored-fit-shirt/p/p60205563?image=SD_03_T11_2105_Z4_X_EC_90&color=WHITEMIX&prevPage=plp 



The Striped Shirt

Stripes are great for bringing attention to your outfit, commanding respect and time wherever you go! Stripes need to be played with carefully depending on your body type and height to ensure it’s all in sync/

Here are our favorites: https://www.zara.com/in/en/striped-oxford-shirt-p01928414.html?v1=8301543&v2=1181080



We hope this guide has helped you.

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