Trench Coats – Your Versatile Winter Pick

Now that the weather is changing and your wardrobe layers come into play, Trench coats are your best and the most versatile bet for this season! They not only keep you warm but add immensely to your personal style statement.



Trenchcoats were originally designed by Thomas Burberry for army soldiers as they needed clothing that could be worn as general protection in terms of weather, water and other such generic conditions. The material that was invented for this was gabardine and was seen to have properties of a raincoat. 


Ever since, 

the trench coat has been worked on and been moulded into a fashion statement. We see this coat in different variations of fabrics and colours as opposed to the natural beige/OG it was made in. 

Navy, black, green, etc are a few of the popular picks encountered in the market.




This investment can be worn with varied situational outfits that walk the line from formal to casual with confidence. 




  • Suits

The trench as an add on to your formal attire is universally accepted as the most stylish layer for your suits.  It not only keeps you warm but also protects you from rains.

Shirt // Tie // V neck 

Wearing your v neck sweaters over a crisp shirt and a tie to compliment it is a sign of a well-dressed gentleman. 

The only thing that takes it up a notch to utmost class is a trench! So men, we would totally ask you to make this your go-to look!



Turtle neck

Turtle necks are a confusing pick to add to your wardrobe, am I right? 

But once paired with a trench coat, it’ll definitely charm its way into your comfort zone!

Polo tee 

This totally works as your “This is just something I threw on” look! 

And trust us, you’ll need to use that after you’re showered will all the effortless compliments!



There are so many ways in which your can add your scarves to admire the trench with sophistication! 

Hit on the link below to know the different ways to carry your scarves :

Coach Approved trends are always aimed at style with a reason for season!

So go ahead, befriend the trench and let elevating your style statement be a cake-walk!

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