Get it like Shahid!

The younger Shahid has possibly made so many slip-ups on the fashion front that no one back then would have imagined him being titled ‘Asia’s sexiest man’ years later in 2017! Shahid Kapoor has swept the title away and deservingly so has left behind who’s who of fashion industry like Zyan Malik, Fawad Khan, Shahrukh Khan to name a few.

On winning the title, Shahid wrote,

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I am humbled by the desirable tag. I believe sexy is not only to do with the physical, but as much to do with the mental perspective on life. This one is for all those fans who have loved and supported me.”

The miraculous transformation of Shahid’s fashion timeline has put him on the top spot of fashion game and made him an inspiration for many. As Furstenberg has rightly said ‘Style is something each of us already have, all we need to do is find it’. It took Shahid a while but he has for sure discovered his style and figured out what works for him without going over the top and we are definitely digging his style and with Christmas and New Year parties being just around the corner, we most definitely can take an inspiration from ‘The Asia’s Sexiest’ himself.

1. The monochrome look

Shahid looks absolutely charming in monochrome suit with black horizontal panels on the jacket. He pulls off this look like a pro and you can too!

Pair up a Grey suit with black button down shirt and black formal pumps. To achieve a similar look, visit your tailor for customisation.

2. Nail-the-turtleneck Look

It takes a checkered trouser, turtleneck and black blazer to do it like Shandaar Shahid. Complete the full look with black loafers. Jazz up the look with a Brooch and you’re all set the turn heads in that party.

3. The semi-casual look

Black panelled pants, Crisp White kurta with cuffs and black jacket is all that it takes to dress like the Asia’s sexiest! Gentlemen as sexiness is not just about your physical appearance or what you wear its  about how you feel & carry yourself. So go all out unleash your sexiest look this party season & make the heads turn.

We hope we have made your party dressing easier this season, however, if you still feel stuck and need more guidance contact us for a free 30 minutes Skype session.

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