Virat-Anushka’s wedding or Virushka wedding (as being called by couple’s fans) had taken over every possible social media channel and we for sure could not stop adoring how gorgeous the couple looked together.

With Anushka and Virat pulling off Sabyasachi attires such wonderfully, they have definitely given us inspiration on how to dress up for our next wedding. 

We are all aware that wedding season with celebrations brings along the stress and confusion of how to style and dress up. You might know how to pull off those bandhgala jackets and sherwanis but knowing what to do with the stole is the real task.

Did you like how Virat jazzed up his wedding attire by carrying that stole so graciously?

If your answer was yes, you have landed yourself in the right place.Keep on reading because we have explained the five simplest yet stylish ways to drape a stole.

The First way to drape it is…

1. Over the Shoulders, around the wrists.

This draped style is definitely going to make you look effortless yet stylish with the stole placed casually on the shoulders and draped around both the wrists.

2. One shoulder, One wrist look

This is classic and the safest way to drape a stole. Place it over one shoulder, take it around the back and drape it around the wrist. This style most definitely gives a regal vibe. What do you think?

3. Around the neck, over the shoulder

Wrap the stole around the neck, take one end of the stole and place it over the opposite shoulder. This style of draping is fun and different and will give your outfit an edge.

4.Wrap around the neck

It is easy, convenient and yet another classic. The drape is around your neck, take one end and throw it towards the back and voila you’re ready to go. That’s it, isn’t It simple?

5. Pleated and placed on the shoulder 

 Now, gentleman, this is probably the most simple yet sophisticated way of draping a stole. Take a well-pleated stole and place it over one shoulder and you’re all set. You can also take the other end and place it on the other wrist.

Now, could it be any more simple?

These are our top five ways to drape a stole. Drape any which way in the next wedding and make the heads turn.

Here is the link to the video where we explain stepwise five ways to drape the stole:

Until next,

Stay stylish, stay happy!

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