When it comes to accessories men were usually far behind in the race than women in; they wanted to play it more casual but these days men are taking themselves more seriously and want to dress more stylish.
These accessories not only plays vital role in transforming their look but bring in elegance and makes them look sartorial. When it comes to Power dressing these fashion accessories are must-have; few of them dates back to centuries and have been followed down from generations.
Below, we have listed down 5 Must-Have accessories for men in Power dressing-

  • Pocket Square: The best fashion accessory which will instantly pop-up your monotone look. It can be worn with your business suits with contrasting tie, chinos, jeans and smart shoes for festive or party look or similar complementing colour with trousers for business meetings. By 1600’s these heirloom pieces which were passed down from generations have been replaced from linen handkerchiefs which were used in 1400’s with silk and lace embroideries. This accessory came into being in 13 century and King Richard of England was the first person to wear this as a handkerchief.

  • Cufflinks: This is a versatile piece of jewellery which can be worn to accessorize your look. It can be worn with everything from formal business to casual shirts. Go with a bold colour contrasting cufflink with a monotone shirt and plain colour cufflinks with printed shirt. Match your cufflinks with other accessory from your look.


  • Collar Pins: This is a traditional piece of jewellery which spells class and worn with a tie to balance your collar and adding this heirloom piece can immediately transform your look.

  • Brooches: They add a character to your look. It should be worn on the left collar of your suit just above the pocket square.

  • Socks: Just a Quirky prints and patterns add a fun element to your overall look. Go for solid black, navy and grey if you are heading for a business meeting.

These little details can elevate your look. Trust us, these are tried and tested. If you loved reading the blog, don’t forget to like and share with your near and dear one.

*The article has been submitted by our wonderful guest writer, Aparna Srivastava.

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Until next,

Stay Happy, Stay stylish.

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I too have written a post on men’s essenttial accessories and here is the link to it – https://babloopandey.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/11-essential-accessories-for-men-top-11-mens-must-have-accessories/

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