Gentleman’s Guide to Packing Right

Everyone loves traveling weather it’s for a vacation or even a workcation but all good things often have some not so good things about it and in this case it’s packing for the most of us. Packing can be really stressful for some of us. If you stay confused on what to pack and how to pack or even how to travel light then this blog is definitely for you. We will help you learn the art of packing light.

What exactly to pack?

#Tip Number 1: When it comes to packing your clothes you can pack a polo t-shirt. As it can be dressed up or dressed down. You can wear it to your business dinners when you pair it with a blazer or even on a lunch outing. It is a very versatile piece.


#Tip Number 2:  Carrying a crisp shirt will take you a long way. You can wear it for office meetings if you are going for a business trip, brunches or even at the beach with your coloured shorts.

Source: Old Navy

# Tip Number 3 : Pack a navy blue travel jacket as it will make you look smart and stylish at the same time. It can be worn with  a crisp shirt and a tie for a formal look or even with a basic t-shirt with denims for a slightly chilled out look.

Source: Sweet Couch

#Tip Number 4 : You can carry a navy blue or grey trousers. These will save your day if you have an urgent meeting or have to go for a formal event. Plus trousers will always make you look sharp and polished.

Source: Afarley Country Attire

#Protip Number 5 : Carry two nice pair of shoes which are very versatile in nature. Ideally pack loafers and black or brown lace ups as they can paired with almost anything.

Source: Zara

Source: Roush



How To Pack?

1)Ideally you should not fold your clothes rather you should roll them up to get maximum space. This is a tried , tested and a approved tip by us. Your clothes will stay in place without crumpling.

Source:Times of Oman

2) Most of us carry our shoes in a poly bag but we don’t recommend that. Pack your shoes in a shoe travelling bag.


3)You should carry a mini sized travel bottles instead of full sized products. This will ensure that you travel light.


4) Your ties can also be rolled up into a roll. This will ensure that they don’t crumple and stay in their original condition.


Source :


5)  If you are carrying a business suit it should be folded neatly and kept at the top of the suitcase.

6) Space is always a constraint while packing. So pack your socks inside your shoes to save space and also makes sure that your shoe retains its shape.

Source:Earth Tripper

Hopefully after these tips we have managed to release your packing stress. Packing can be a task but if you use these tips we are sure that it will become a breeze for you and you will enjoy every bit of your travelling journey. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head for your next trip.

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