With the smartphones, people have slowly stopped realising the importance of watches. Watch is more than a mere time-telling device, it’s a style statement. It instantly makes you look sharper and adds an edge to your regular outfit.

When everyone is on the go, we understand you want a watch that does more than just tell time. That’s why for this week’s blog we thought we would talk about what everyone else is thinking about- SMART WATCHES!

Can you believe, a watch could tell you time and tell you your fitness record, and is GPS enabled and plays music and will give you reminders?

We understand buying smartwatch means adding another device to your list that you need to plug in every night but here’s why you should still go ahead.

  • How many times has it happened that you were in a meeting and your phone kept buzzing but you couldn’t check to see if there’s something urgent?
  • Or you have gotten yourself into trouble for checking your phone only to realise it wasn’t worth it because it was only a spam?

With smartwatch on your wrist, you can eliminate the need to glance at your phone over and over again and instead can see all your recent notifications simply by turning your wrist.

Here are five absolutely stunning smartwatches that you should consider if you are planning to invest into one (which we believe you totally should).


This particular watch requires no description. Celebrities all over the world are sporting it. With its collaboration with Nike and Hermes Paris, they have something to suit every personality. To sum up apple watches, they’re utility put in the best designs.


Samsung gear 2 supports android phones for now but they are expected to support ios devices soon. They are sleek, sporty and stunning in their design. A good pick if you want something to match your sporty personality. 


Fossil is a trusted watch brand which makes its smart watches a smart investment.  Team them up with your business attire or wear it on day to day basis. It looks great with all sort of looks. 


These watches are extremely high on style quotient. These can be easily paired with your business as well as casual attire. These are compatible with ios and android devices. With an option of personalising the dial it becomes a good choice for the smart watch.


Switzerland’s best design and silicon valley’s best technology can never be a wrong option. It is a luxury redefined in true sense. Certainly the best choice for tech-savvy fashionable guy.

Thats all for now. We hope we could solve your smartwatch dilemma. If you liked what you read, don’t forget to share, like and comment. We love to hear from you guys.

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Until next Stay happy, stay stylish!

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