Can dressing well give you a leg up at work ?? Agree or You still have doubts?

People respond to how we are dressed so like it or not this is what you have to do? quoting Harvey Spectre from Suits . This guy clearly knows how to take his life from here to here.

Guys we receive a lot of queries about his suits that how he makes even a regular grey suit looks so classy and sharp. Am sure most of you watching this video have experienced this problem what exactly goes wrong with your suit? Why can’t you look as sharp as the guy On screen .

As Matt Bomer says, “If you’re wearing suits and you want to create your own sense of style, get to the tailor”

Yes u heard that right  choosing the right style for your body type and getting the fit right is of utmost importance.

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Coming back to our blog to make a statement you need to understand the Fit so that your outfit should not look borrowed. So next time when you go shopping for a suit, keep these things in mind to get that perfect fit you always wanted. And YES u can thank us later

  • Number one the List is the Length:

It’s extremely important to pay attention to it as it helps in balancing upper and lower body. If you don’t get the jacket length right, the whole suit can look off. Ideally, the jacket should end around the thumb knuckle when you stand straight.

  • 2nd on the list Shoulder Fit

The fit of shoulder reflects the fit of the suit. A well-fitted suit lies flat on the shoulder. So, if you are out buying a suit for yourself, pay close attention to the fit of the shoulder. They are the hardest part to adjust and alter after the construction.



  • 3rd one Sleeves

The age-old classic advice to follow to make sure the sleeve length is perfect is “a half-inch of a shirt is good” which essentially means not more than half an inch of the shirt should be visible beyond the jacket.

  • Coming to our next point the Armholes

Suit armholes should be high to give you a sharper fit but shouldn’t cut into your armpit. So make sure you are comfortable wearing it.

  • 5th on the list Jacket collar

Guys, the fit of the collar and right style of collar is extremely important. a poorly fitted collar is visible to all and there’s no getting around that. A well-fitted collar will rest against your shirt collar with no visible gap. If there’s a gap guys it is too loose go to a tailor . On the other hand, a tight collar will create wrinkles, folds and bunch underneath.

  • Coming to Suit Body fit

With the buttons closed, the jacket should fit your midsection lightly. If you can see an ‘X’ formation the its too tight please do us a favour n don’t wear it. The suit shouldn’t pull or tug anywhere nor it should have extra fabric.

There are two non-negotiable rules to achieve the perfect fit,

  1. no shoulder divots
  2. no dreaded X

Moving on to trousers…


Always wanted to get that trouser that fits you like a dream but don’t know how. keeping on reading watching as we break down the essentials of the trousers for that perfect fit.

  • Waist

The waist of the pant should hold up in place without a belt or suspender. The waist is too loose if it doesn’t. Unlike jeans, suit pants are designed to sit lower. The good fit pant should sit at the top of your hipbones, just below the navel. A suit pant fits conservatively around the hips which means that the pants should hug around the hip area lightly without emphasizing on the contours of the hip. It shouldn’t be tight or saggy for it to be a good fit.


  • Legs

The suit pants should not be too tight or too baggy. The thigh area should have 1-inch fabric on either side. For a good fit, ditch the excess fabric around the thigh. Avoiding bagginess will help you achieve a more flattering silhouette.

  • Hem and Cuff

A formal suit pant will always have a slight break where your pant touches the suit.

There are two non-negotiable rules to achieve the perfect fit,

  1. No calves showing
  2. No puddling trousers

Hope we were able to solve your fit dilemma. If you have any unanswered questions, please share them in comments below we will be happy to answer. Let us know how you liked this blog, and if you did, don’t forget to like & share.

Will see you next week with yet another Style Essential, till then Stay happy and stay stylish.


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