We do not tend to pay attention to dressing well and dressing sharp as much as we should and I wonder WHY? Is it because Indian households have raised kids telling how paying attention to appearances is for the shallow-minded people. We have grown up with an understanding that dressing well has got nothing to do with how well we do in our professional and personal life.

Today, I am here to debunk these statements and such. Here are some of the statistics that prove dressing well holds the power to positively impact our lives.

  • 55% of a person’s initial opinion about a person is based on the other’s appearance. (Reuters, 2014)
  • Of 10,525 people surveyed, 63.5% said they feel judged based on what they look like and their clothes. (Bayt, 2013)
  • In online dating, Women were 3.5 times more likely to message a guy who wears a tailored suit and 2.3 times more likely to view his dating profile. (Hive & Colony and OkCupid, 2013)
  • For 95% of employers surveyed, personal appearance is a contributing factor when determining whether an applicant is suitable for the job. (Forbes, 2015)
  • A person can earn at least 5% more just by wearing professional attire. (Men’s Health, 2012)
  • Putting in the effort to dress 25% better helps you stand out in the work place. (Forbes, 2016)
  • 78.6% said well groomed professionals have better career growth compared to average looking professionals. (Bayt, 2013)

These statistics clearly prove that dressing well impacts our day-to-day lives to a huge extent. Here are five reasons (that we infer from the results of several researches and studies) why you should dress sharp: 

1. Helps create positive first impression.

2. Helps you feel confident.

3. Impacts how you are perceived. 

4. Increases your productivity.

5. Improves abstract thinking.


Next time you’re heading out for work or just a casual lunch, make sure to put in that extra effort in dressing up.

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Until next time,

Stay safe and stay stylish

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