I, happened to pass Innisfree store in ambience mall while I was with a client conducting his shopping session and I was amazed to find guys shopping for sheet masks, which gets me to today’s blog topic- Should men invest in sheet masks?

Now, sheet masks are a burning topic in the world of men’s grooming. Men’s grooming market has been totally revolutionised… we have noticed the Indian market is flooded with serums, face masks and eye treatments for men. So  this week we decided to explore the biggest trend in the mens grooming industry.

When face masks first came into the market they were considered no less than a fad, however, the experts have spoken, that too in the favour of these masks and it is time that you guys too give it a try. Even though the primary market for these masks are women, there is no reason to believe that men do not need the goodness of these masks. In fact they might be needing it more.

What are sheet masks?

These are basically face cut out masks which are drenched in targeted serum. They are single use individually packaged masks that are easy to apply and carry along. Whether you have a dry skin, acne prone, oily skin theres a mask for everything focusing on the direct treatment of problem areas.

Why should you try one?

1. It will rehydrate your dehydrated skin making it more healthy and glowing

2. Regular use will reduce the signs of ageing and help you treat fine lines

3. Make your skin firmer and in-turn making you look younger .

Not to forget everyone from Ronaldo to Justin Bieber has jumped on the sheet mask band wagon. And lets be honest, who doesn’t wish to look younger.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself. Pop a sheet mask on to your face, lie back, relax and let it do its magic. After-all what is there to loose. Here are the top five masks that are easily available for you to give a try*.

  • DearPacker Home Remedy Mask – Lavender + Argan Oil

Dear Parker- Available exclusively on Nykaa

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask

Face Shop Green tea mask

  • Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask – Peptide

    Innisfree skin clinic mask

  • The Face Shop The Solution Hydrating Face Mask

The Solution hydrating mask


  • The Face Shop Real Nature Pomegranate Face Mask

The Face shop – Pomegranate grenade

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* although its a big trend , Do check the one suitable for your skin type or consult a dermatologist before trying.

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