Do you know that it just takes 4 seconds to make an impression and just couple of minutes for it to last a life time. That’s how crucial first impressions are, which establishes how important it is to dress to well on your interviews.

If you have an interview lined up, don’t go without reading this blog. As we are going to tell you the ‘go to’ looks for your job interview. Not a fan of reading? Thats alright, here’s our video you can watch.

Every profession is different and so requires a different look. How do we decide that?

Let me help you, It would be great if you do little background research.

If you are appearing for an interview in the profession of


A suit is like the uniform of sales and marketing. Else Who’ll buy a product from someone dressed in jeans and t-shirt. It’s a safe choice to choose a navy blue suit with pastel colour shirt, complementary tie and brown/black leather shoes.


In government jobs, employees are expected to dress conservatively comparatively. Make sure nothing that you wear is bold or flashy but at the same time your outfit should give out the message that you are principled, responsible and worthy of the position. A dark grey suit, blue dress shirt, tie and a watch should help you do the same. Strictly stick to a black leather belt and Black lace-up shoes.


This job profile requires you to look professional and authoritative and someone who can handle a crisis. Your outfit should send out the same message. We recommend you to wear a powerful charcoal grey formal suit with crisp white shirt, with tie. Black leather belt and shoes to complete the look.


If you are choosing a field of banking and finance, you need to show that you are capable of handling money. Wear a Grey pint strip suit, pastel blue shirt with a blue striped tie. Also stick to a black leather belt, black leather lace-up shoes and I assure you that outfit would not be the one that will keep you from getting the job.


This is one line of profession where you have complete freedom to express yourself. Use your clothes as a way to show who you are and what you have to bring to the table. Be experimental. Wear a Grey or navy suit, pink shirt, add lapel pin, bow tie, brown shoes and belt and a watch and are good to go!


In a profession like this, you dress in the best clothes you have. We would advise you to study the environment before you go for an interview. Wear a Navy blue suit, striped tie, blue shirt, black belt and shoes. Jazz up the look with a watch and you dressed your best.

We hope these tips help you nail every interview that you sit in. While you dress for the interview, make sure you are well- groomed & don’t forget to wear your confident smile and carry your strong handshake along.

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